Bambucha Manapua

Project for the Design Communication Arts certificate program at UCLA Extension.

Logo and packaging design for the take-out box of a fictional, gourmet snack shop in Hawaii.

Manapua are Hawaii's version of the steamed pork bun. They're delicious but are typically very inexpensive. This is my take on a gourmet version of the popular Hawaiian snack. The traditional filings are replaced with more luxurious fillings like duck comfit, braised pork belly or beef wellington.

Theses Bamabucha snack shops would be found in the upscale areas of Hawaii and in the fancier hotels and resorts. Vacationers would be able to pick up a box of these on the way to the beach, hotel pool or on their way back to their room.

The lid is constructed with origami to represent the Japanese cultural influence in Hawaii. The logo's half-circle symbol represents a rainbow, a Hawaiian sunrise, and half of a manapua.